Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!!



Outaishihi ni nante Naritakunai!!
I Don’t Want to Become Crown Princess!!


Author: Tsukigami Saki
Illustration:  Tsutamori En


Once a Japanese person. When she realized she was reincarnated, she was the daughter of a Duke.

Wait a minute, my fiancé is the Crown Prince?

No matter how good looking he is, I definitely don’t want to marry into the polygamous royal family.

While thinking about a way to break off her engagement, Lidi came upon a ridiculous conclusion.

Will she be able to carry it out according to plan?


※ Just kidding, I am lightly writing in such a setting, so please don’t tsukkomi on the naivety etc of the plot.

※ The published editions of volumes 1~2 from Ichijinsha’s Melissa label are now on sale.

In regards deleting the original story because it is now selling, I have no intention of making this into a digest. Please do not worry.


Support the author by buying her books!
*Thank you to indomnianoodles for offering to purchase/scan in images for me! ^o^

AmazonJP vol 1
AmazonJP vol 2
AmazonJP vol 3
AmazonJP vol 4

CDJapan vol 1
CDJapan vol 1 (alt. cheaper)
CDJapan vol 3
CD Japan vol 4

Book Live vol 1 (ebook)
Book Live vol 2 (ebook)
Book Live vol 3 (ebook)
Book Live vol 4 (ebook)

Yesasia vol 1
Yesasia vol 2

**Note** The author likes to write in a lot of author’s notes at the beginning/end. Some might not be relevant news anymore but I thought it was pretty cool of her dedication to do so, so I will translate those too. TNs will be color coded a Kappa Green to tell the difference, like so. Also, there are a LOT of chapters, but don’t expect too much from me, ok? I got an RL I have to take care of whether I like it or not. ( ˃̶͈ ̯ ̜ ˂̶͈ˊ ) ︠³



目次 Table of Contents

主要登場人物・国紹介(ネタバレ警報発令中)Major Characters・Country Introduction (Spoiler Warning Issued Inside)


本編 Original Story

彼女の企み Her Scheme

彼女の出会い Her Meeting

彼女の初めて Her First [PART 1] <> [PART 2] *R18

彼女の痛み Her Pain *R18

彼女の逃走 Her Escape [PART 1] *R18 <> [PART 2]

彼女の告白 Her Confession

彼女の失態 Her Failure


彼の事情 His Circumstances

彼の後悔 His Regret

彼の初恋 His First Love

彼の理想 His Ideal

This is being picked up by Jessichi Notebook!! Please head over to their site!

Chapter 13 courtesy of Aurelius Grave! 彼の驚き His Surprise




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    • It’s basically Lidi’s story from after and onwards. Although there are a handful of POV switches, we mainly stick with Lidi and it’s not often we get to see the same events from another POV (sadly) so enjoy it while it lasts lol ^^

      Thanks for reading!


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